The 10 most interesting racing tweeters + a few others, 2

17 thoughts on “The 10 most interesting racing tweeters + a few others, 2”

  1. Kudos for props to BH Race Results. I am glad to see them getting respect for the hard work they do with this endeavor. As one who researches hundreds of thoroughbred races every week, I couldn’t live without them. I wish them many more followers this New Year!

  2. So, Sid, it’s possible to make the cut if one uses new media to protest exclusion and lobby for inclusion?

    Thanks, by the way, for the “props,” and happy new year.

    1. teresa, it’s absolutely possible to make the cut by protesting and lobbying– just as long as the indignation is appropriately childish and expressed via new media!

      btw, welcome back to brooklyn from your trip, and happy new year to u 2!

  3. “John Sparkman is among those getting mad props. When I started at @TTimes in May 2002, he DISCOURAGED me from blogging.”

    Ha! I suppose that could have happened, tho I certainly don’t remember it. Frankly I’m not sure I knew what a blog was in 2002…..did you? Way too long ago to remember for this old head.


  4. John,

    I didn’t know what a blog was until about 2005! At least your man EJXD2 — sounds like the robot from LOst in Space, doesn’t it? — over there knows you’re gettin mad props, tho!

    And beware x’mas presents from him next year, too!

  5. Thanks so much, Sid. It’s a genuine honor. I think one of the best things that happened to me in 2009 was the new friendships I’ve made in the racing world via Twitter. I deeply respect my earlier connections, but Twitter for me has been a real jump in class. 🙂

    Frank, your remarks about Twitter’s brevity… it’s quite amazing how much information can be conveyed in 140 characters even without too much “txtspk.” I remember an aphorism to the effect, If you know your subject well you can explain it simply. (This coming from someone who writes multiple-extended tweets, lol.)

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