Best of the internet in 2009: racing + breeding sites, blogs

15 thoughts on “Best of the internet in 2009: racing + breeding sites, blogs”

  1. Thanks for the mention Sid, I am in some fine company and very flattered. The only other list I am on is the Transportation Safety Board’s watch list, they have confused me with someone in the IRA. This sometimes prevents me from getting a boarding pass online; being on your list is a much more pleasing experience!.

  2. I have the pleasure of seeing John at Saratoga every year, (although now that opening day has changed from Wed. we should coordinate), and he’s as witty and hilarious in person as he is in blog… IRA member or not.

    Great list Sid, I’m flattered to be mention among these fine folks! Happy new year to you and keep up the good work, you kicked ass last year!

  3. I enjoy your blog whenever I read it (which is often), and this list adds a few I wasn’t already following. Thanks for that, but I hope it doesn’t cut into my time to read yours!

  4. Just read the Gathering the Wind at your suggestion. You gotta love the person who quotes Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner — my favorite. Have to get off the computer now so I can find my poetry book.

  5. Sid, I too am honored by the mention. Thank you. I’ve told you before, and I’ll say it again, you do a wonderful job, particularly in bringing the wide-world of horse racing a little closer. Here’s hoping for an equally-prosperous and interesting 2010!

  6. It might be hoped that from all the names you mention favorably there would coalesce a critical mass to save the horseracing business. Alas, all the good words will not lead to a revolution.

    Apparently we have a surfeit of Tom Paines, but not one George Washington.

    Surely the ‘priceless line (or phrase)’ award should go to Rob Whiteley for ” …. self-serving destructionists or passive vessels who float on the waterway of benign neglect.” (In his comment in Paulick Report, 12/28/09)

  7. great article sid, keep up the good work. you are leading the revolution to save our sport by integrating all new media concepts beside your fine writing.

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