Irish-Indian connection pays dividends; Sohna Stud shines

8 thoughts on “Irish-Indian connection pays dividends; Sohna Stud shines”

  1. Another filly vs. colt showdown in an exotic foriegn land. I am so tuning in this Sunday!

    I wonder how English Channel’s full brother Siegfield is doing in India?

    Another bonus for those doing business with India’s racing and bloodstock scene in person- medical tourism while you’re there! Honestly, the more tapped in segment of our society can take advantage of everything from India’s expertise in heart work to ultra cheap braces and dental. Distant shores may offer hopes of maintaining medical freedom along with further expanding ties with their breeding operations.

  2. Looks like a good race in the making, Wendy. Sedgefield is listed as standing in India as of Sept. 2009. These are the 111 sires listed with the Indian Stud book at that date:

    1. A In Sociology[USA] (b 1990 by Ends Well ex Social Class) Byerly

    2. Ace[IRE] (b 2001 by Danehill ex Tea House) Exhilaration

    3. Adler (b 1989 by Riyahi[IRE] ex Schiaparelli[HOL]) Kunigal

    4. Aethion[NSB] (b 1996 by King Midas ex Mysterion[NSB]) Skambha Stables

    5. Ajaad[USA] (ch 1988 by Nureyev ex Execution) Sans Craintes

    6. Alnasr Alwasheek[GB] (b 1989 by Sadler’s Wells ex Someone Special) Poona

    7. Always A Rainbow[CAN] (ch 1992 by Mr. Prospector ex Rainbow Connection) Sholavaram

    8. Ansbach (b 1998 by Alnasr Alwasheek[GB] ex Pass The Secret[CAN]) Paramvir

    9. Arabian Gulf[GB] (b 2004 by Sadler’s Wells ex Wince) Manjri

    10. Astonish (b 1988 by Malvado[CAN] ex Avola[ITY]) Poonawalla

    11. Astounding (b 1989 by Riyahi[IRE] ex Tufurme[IRE]) Skambha Stables

    12. Avenging Angel (b 1996 by Puissance ex Moving Image[IRE]) Arundel

    13. Barood (ch 1990 by Rossini[USA] ex Cool Tempo[GB]) Yeshwant

    14. Binkhaldoun[USA] (ch 1989 by Roberto ex Aviance) Ruia

    15. Black Cash[USA] (b 1995 by Deposit Ticket ex Sooni) Equus

    16. Bluegrass Prince[IRE] (ch 1991 by Bluebird ex Amata) Jai-Govind

    17. Brave Act[GB] (b 1994 by Persian Bold ex Circus Act) Kunigal

    18. Burden of Proof[IRE] (b 1992 by Fairy King ex Belle Passe) Kunigal

    19. Carnival Dancer[GB] (b 1998 by Sadler’s Wells ex Red Carnival) Dashmesh

    20. Chatham Strait[USA] (b 2002 by Deputy Minister ex Brulay) Southern Paradise

    21. China Visit[USA] (dk b/br 1997 by Red Ransom ex Furajet) Usha

    22. Classic Tale[GB] (ch 1984 by Blushing Groom ex Cambretta) Paramvir

    23. Concordial[USA] (b 1991 by Nureyev ex Louisville) Talegaon

    24. Cool Creek[IRE] (b 2003 by Desert Style ex Shining Creek) Doaba

    25. Crown Jewels[GB] (b 2005 by Oasis Dream ex Rubies From Burma) Noble

    26. Dahyah[USA] (b 1990 by Danzig ex Far) Harsal

    27. Danehill Star[AUS] (b 1997 by Danehill ex Princess Tracy) Galloping

    28. Dark Nile[USA] (b 1993 by Riverman ex Ixtapa) Mare Haven

    29. Decado[IRE] (b 2003 by Danehill Dancer ex Pirie) Chettinad

    30. Declaration of War[IRE] (b 2005 by Okawango ex Date Mate) Lingwood

    31. Diffident[FR] (b 1992 by Nureyev ex Shy Princess) Yeravada

    32. Don Micheletto[GB] (b 1993 by Machiavellian ex Circe’s Isle) Nakul

    33. Don’t Forget Me[IRE] (b 1984 by Ahonoora ex African Doll) Manjri

    34. Donegal (b 1993 by Dowsing ex Fox Steep[GB]) HRC

    35. Duja[USA] (dk b/br 1993 by Dayjur ex Elle Seule) Pratap

    36. Eljohar[IRE] (ch 1997 by Nashwan ex Mehthaaf) Mukteshwar

    37. Epicentre[USA] (b 1999 by Kris S. ex Carya) A.B.

    38. European[IRE] (ch 2000 by Great Commotion ex Cinnamon Rose) Arabesque

    39. Fact Finder[IRE] (br 1984 by Known Fact ex Idealist) Talegaon

    40. Fantabulous King (ch 2001 by Burden of Proof[IRE] ex Imposing) Hurricane

    41. Flitch[USA] (dk b/br 1992 by Demons Begone ex Whiffling) Doaba

    42. Forest Fair[USA] (dk b 1984 by Naskra ex Fairest Forest) Singh

    43. Foyer[GB] (b 1991 by Sadler’s Wells ex Ela Romara) Chettinad

    44. Gaswar[GB] (b 1991 by Shadeed ex Possessive) Lingwood

    45. Glory of Dancer[GB] (b 1993 by Shareef Dancer ex Glory of Hera) Nanoli

    46. Hammerstein[GB] (b 1993 by Kris ex Musical Bliss) Krishna

    47. Hesperus (b 2002 by Brave Hunter ex Forlified[USA]) Lumbini

    48. Holding Court (dk b 2002 by Royal Kingdom[IRE] ex Confiture[USA]) Broadacres

    49. Hotstepper (dk b 2004 by Glory of Dancer[GB] ex Flying Home) Amrit Kaur

    50. Hurricane Center[USA] (dk b/br 1996 by Storm Cat ex Devil’s Sister) Singh

    51. Hurricane State[USA] (ch 1994 by Miswaki ex Regal State) Hargobind

    52. Hymn[IRE] (dk b 1997 by Fairy King ex Handsewn) Jodha

    53. Ikhtyar[IRE] (b 2000 by Unfuwain ex Sabria) Nanoli

    54. Imtiyaz[USA] (gr 1999 by Woodman ex Shadayid) Nanoli

    55. Indictment (b 1993 by Razeen[USA] ex Soccia[FR]) Nanoli

    56. Inhabitant[GB] (ch 2002 by Zafonic ex Infringe) Doaba

    57. International (b 1992 by Last Tycoon ex Petillante[USA]) Mebajeona

    58. Itaquere Power[BRZ] (b 1996 by Minstrel Glory ex Luna Poderosa) Vikram Greenlands

    59. Ivory Touch[USA] (dk b/br 2004 by Storm Cat ex Lady Bonanza) Mare Haven

    60. Joint Account[USA] (dk b/br 1991 by Private Account ex Casey) Privately

    61. Juniper[USA] (b 1998 by Danzig ex Montage) Capricorn

    62. Locked Away[USA] (ch 1984 by Damascus ex Secret Asset) Regency Equine

    63. Lucifer Sam[USA] (b 2005 by Storm Cat ex Rafina) Sans Craintes

    64. Major Impact[USA] (dk b 1989 by Roberto ex Conveniently) Manjri

    65. Mambo Minstrel[USA] (ch 2002 by Kingmambo ex Minstrella) Samra

    66. Marcus Andronicus[USA] (b 2003 by Danehill ex Fiji) Sholavaram

    67. Mastermind[FR] (b 1987 by Garde Royale ex Civette) V R

    68. Mathematician[IRE] (dk b/br 2002 by Machiavellian ex Zibilene) Sans Craintes

    69. Mischevious Music[USA] (ch 1990 by Believe It ex I Love Music) Country

    70. Mr. Mellon[USA] (b 1999 by Red Ransom ex Mackie) Southern Paradise

    71. Mudeer[GB] (b 1995 by Warning ex Colorvista) Sans Craintes

    72. Mull of Kintyre[USA] (b 1997 by Danzig ex Retrospective) Capricorn

    73. Multidimensional[IRE] (b 2003 by Danehill ex Sacred Song) Usha

    74. New Famous[BRZ] (dk b/br 2000 by Jules ex Hale’n Hearty) Yeravada

    75. Noverre[USA] (b 1998 by Rahy ex Danseur Fabuleux) Sohna

    76. Nyayo (gr 1987 by Everyday II* ex Zaynala[IRE]) Galloping

    77. Oath[IRE] (b 1996 by Fairy King ex Sheer Audacity) Pratap

    78. Ontario[USA] (ch 2000 by Storm Cat ex Flying Fairy) Sohna

    79. Opportunist[IRE] (b 1999 by Machiavellian ex Fatefully) New Approach

    80. Pennine Ridge[USA] (b 1991 by Cure the Blues ex La Rouquine) Broadacres

    81. Phoenix Tower[USA] (b 2004 by Chester House ex Bionic) Manjri

    82. Placerville[USA] (b 1990 by Mr. Prospector ex Classy Cathy) Poonawalla

    83. Poet’s Dream[IRE] (b/br 1988 by Storm Bird ex Lisadell) Mukteshwar

    84. Princely Heir[IRE] (b 1995 by Fairy King ex Meis El-Reem) Dashmesh

    85. Protege (dk b 2000 by Placerville[USA] ex Little Cinderella[USA]) Amrit Kaur

    86. Puerto Madero[CHI] (b 1994 by Gallantsky ex Paty Game) Equus

    87. Rambus (b 1998 by Placerville[USA] ex Lap of Luxury) Track Supreme

    88. Razeen[USA] (b 1987 by Northern Dancer ex Secret Asset) Mehra

    89. Reach The Gold[CAN] (ch 1990 by Slew o’Gold ex Leave Me Alone) Fleet Woods

    90. Rebuttal[USA] (b 2002 by Mr. Greeley ex Reboot) Hazara

    91. Rosmini (ch 1999 by Diffident[FR] ex Academy) Dashmesh

    92. Royal Gladiator (b 1998 by Honour and Glory ex Goodnight Moon[GB]) Pratap

    93. Royal Kingdom[IRE] (b 1997 by Fairy King ex Allicance) Equus

    94. San Francisco[FR] (b 1997 by Nureyev ex Silvermine) Galloping

    95. Sedgefield[USA] (ch 2004 by Smart Strike ex Belva) Jai-Govind

    96. Senure[USA] (dk b/br 1996 by Nureyev ex Diese) Manjri

    97. Serious Spender[USA] (b 1991 by Seattle Slew ex Squander) Yeravada

    98. Sharp Attack[USA] (b 2003 by Storm Cat ex Foppy Dancer) Gee

    99. Sir Bruce (dk b 1982 by Everyday II* ex Hennessy) Divyug

    100. Sizzling Melody[GB] (b 1984 by Song ex Mrs Bacon) Kapoor

    101. Star Supreme (b 1994 by Razeen[USA] ex Galiceno) Gold Peacock

    102. Stardan[IRE] (b 1998 by Danehill ex Star A Million) Rolli

    103. Stavros (b 1997 by Tecorno[USA] ex Mrs. Rose[USA]) Pvt (Star Born)

    104. Steinbeck[USA] (b 1989 by Mr. Prospector ex Femme Elite) Usha

    105. Storm Trooper[USA] (b 1993 by Diesis ex Stormette) Chhatari

    106. Strengthto Succeed (b 2005 by Don Micheletto[GB] ex Nummer Eins) Nakul

    107. Sussex[GB] (b 2001 by Danehill ex Oh So Sharp) Badal

    108. Sylvanite[USA] (dk b/br 2000 by Touch Gold ex Scrape) Pvt (Mir)

    109. Tejano[USA] (ch 1985 by Caro ex Infantes) Kunigal

    110. Warrshan[USA] (b 1986 by Northern Dancer ex Secret Asset) Star Stud

    111. White Crown[USA] (ch 1990 by Secreto ex Won’t She Tell) Privately

  3. A good list. Just the other day it seemed Phoenix Tower was starting a comeback, after being retired to stud, how thing’s change. We’ll have some of his foals here in the US too at least.
    Sid, you might want to check out Zipseatthetrack’s blog about the infancy of horse racing in Belize.

  4. Sid,

    That list clears up the whereabouts of a couple of good old horses, such as major winner Tejano and English Derby winner Oath.

    Very interesting ….


  5. Oath was previously in Japan before returning to the UK and then being bought by Rajendra Singh Idar for his Pratap Stud in Himmatnagar.

  6. Sohna Stud farm!!

    What a wonderful powerpacked producers of horses. Thanks a ton for Jacqueline who proved that history is there to be beaten.

    Please send me any information about upbringing of Jacqueline and other horses to look out for in the coming seasons.

    Thanks again!!


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