Bambera aims for US via win in Clasico del Caribe Sunday

7 thoughts on “Bambera aims for US via win in Clasico del Caribe Sunday”

  1. BRING IT ON SID!!! This is exactly what we need right now! Rachel is resting, Zenyatta is only parading, and the Horse Of The Year war is starting to be a real pain. Enter Bambera!!!

    BAMBERA. Zarkava. Zenyatta. The name alone does it, pulling fans emotional strings and marking this filly with the one named greatness known by stars . . . another “Madonna” of horse racing. This is exactly what we need to power up racing against any end of the racing year blues. And no one is talking about her but you- Thank You!

    BAMBERA. Next conquest- USA.

  2. Sid, where are you getting the info that this filly will be coming to the U.S. for 2010? I’d like to read more about her, but I am finding precious little on the web.

    1. Theresa if she wins the Clasic tomorrow in Puerto Rico they’re bringing her straight to Florida, she won’t go back to Venezuela. Just so you know, she has won 15 of 17 races, the only two loses, were two second places, she lost in her very first race, and then she lost the second of the triple crown. However in her defense, she raced 6 times in 8 weeks, and also the jockey made a terrible desicion by asking her to race too early, at the end she had nothing left, she did win all three of the philly triple crown and two of the open, she would have been the only hexacrown winner.
      She has beaten both male and females and she wins with ease, she can run in the front as well as in the middle. She runs a lot like Rachel Alexandra. I don’t think she could hold Zenyatta, but I would like to see her race R.A., as of the Caribbean Derby I really find it hard to believe that she will lose.

  3. As expected, both Bambera and Vivian Record from Mexico were the focus of attention before the derby and during it as well, but also as predicted Bambera showed her racing class and outmatched Vivian Record for an easy win. South America has their Rachel Alexandra in the legs of Bambera. Hopefully we will witness a match between these two outstanding fillies.

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