Coming tomorrow: Major Nargolkar previews Indian season

3 thoughts on “Coming tomorrow: Major Nargolkar previews Indian season”

  1. Would Set Alright be India’s 2009 Horse Of the Year? Joining Rachel/Zenyatta here at home, Goldikova in France, Milwaukee Appeal in Canada, Vodka in Japan in the Super Mare Takeover of 2009?

    Just when I thought I couldn’t be sucked into more endless time going over horse racing news, Sid opens up the racing world’s of India, Korea, Hungary, Russia and even China!!! I thought I was being adventurous covering Australia (Pocket Power!!!), Dubai and Japan. Good racing blogs are dangerously addictive.

    eMatings is so worldwide, it’s so cool to think that “our own” guys – all of you, Sid, Nick, Frank, others – are having a hand making matches for the best horses internationally. Team USA just keeps on winning!

    And no. I am not paid to post overwhelmingly giddy comments of appreciation, they come naturally (insert smiley here)

  2. thx wendy…Yes, Set Alight would be the champion…she was special, one of the best seen in India…i just posted on the superfecta blog not to forget Jolie’s Shinju in Singapore, Bambera in Venezuela and Belle Watling in Chile — all outstanding fillies who have defeated colts this year.

  3. The year of the Filly. Wendy you are so right about Sid, this is the most unique and informative blog I know of. I depend on the insights and information I get here. Kudo’s Sid, as always, thanks for the great work.

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