With Dubai debts in news, Sheikh Mohammed buys a filly

22 thoughts on “With Dubai debts in news, Sheikh Mohammed buys a filly”

  1. Is not a mistery and he bought it and as an owner is a very good guy. Nobody wants to know from a lot of the owners, where the money is coming from so better stop making such a big thing if a guy keep on buying horses, it wasnt a seven number figure and the horse will run in dubai and after will decide where is he going to run. People should be writing good things when owners keep on buying horses cos that horses give jobs and feed a lot of people.

  2. Nicolas, thanks for the information. Are you an associate of Mr. Kadyrov, that you can say it was he who purchased Storm Chispazo? You seem to know quite a lot, inlcuding that he wasn’t purchased for seven figures, as reported in Argentina. The Argentine press reports also only referred to the buyer as a Russian; it is I who assumed it was Mr. Kadyrov, based on the profile of the purchase. Therefore, as far as we were concerned, the buyer was a mystery. Thanks for clarifying the ownership and plans for the horse.

  3. I m H Brown assistant and I’m in charge of Ramzan s horses. First he is not Russian, he is from Chechnya. It wasn’t the Argentinian press, was Diego Mitagstein from turfdiario and I don’t know from where got the info about the price. We have all his international horses and there are only five and not a full stable like other people said.

  4. If you’ve read my stuff, you’d know that I know he’s the Chechen president — look at the last two lines of my post above.

    Yes, it was Diego, editor of Turf Diario, who reported the seven-figure price. What was the real price?

    Also, I am aware of you. You had originally suggested to H Brown to race Mourilyan in the Pellegrini, correct? Is that still the plan?

    You are from Argentina, correct?

    Did you visit to buy Storm Chispazo? He should be a good colt for the President’s Cup as he is a dirt runner.

    You have done very well with Mourilyan, especially during the summer when he and you were with G Moore.

    How is the Kadyrov stable in Dubai? Mourilyan, Bankable, Bronze Cannon, Racecar Rhapsody..who else?

    Thanks for your comments, and for answering the questions.

  5. We wanted to go to argentina for the pellegrini but we choosed the Melbourne cup and we have enough of travelling so now we are in dubai and will stay here until the end of the season with all his horses and then will decide what s next. The other horses is a useless 4 year old that still is a maiden. Im here with the horses so couldnt go to argentina this time but Herman went there to see the horse. I know you didnt say about russia but im tired that everytime a russian buy a horse they think is Mr Kadirov and for example we have another clients that they are from russia and also they buy horses for us… Thanks

  6. Nicolas, was it you who suggested to Herman to buy Storm Chispazo?

    How are the horses doing in Dubai? When do you expect them to race?

    By the way, are you stabled at Meydan? How are the facilities?

    I thought that Mr. Kadyrov would have a difficult time getting licensed in Dubai this year because Lt. Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, chief of police in Dubai, has placed Mr. Kadyrov’s right-hand mand, Adam Delimkhanov, on interpol as the mastermind behind the assassination of Sulim Yamadayev in Dubai last World Cup day.

    Lt. Gen. Tamim also has stated that one of the first arrests was an Iranian who was a groom with the Kadyrov horses in Dubai last winter.

    Can you comment?

  7. We are in Dubai and Meydan is going fast but still a lot to do. The iranian guy that was arrested three days after the world cup wasn t a groom. He was working for an embassy here in dubai and was our interpreter cos Ramzan doesnt speak in english. The guy was at the stables the morning of the murder and at the races from the first race until the last race cos they had Bankable running in the duty free and i was with him so i dont think if you murder someone you will be so cool at the races and then he came the following two days to the stables so i think he was in the wrong place at the right time cos you don t want to go to jail in dubai, like all the other suspects the best it would be to flight out of the country but im not a detective, it s just my opinion. A friend that is an agent in argentina is the one who keep us inform with all the horses there and of course i follow arg racing. We been running his horses all over the world and we never had a problem, only in australia some lefties from the goverment didn t want us to go but we went and run third so will keep going wherever we can run good races. Mourilyan run in 6 countries since we got him and still a couple of countries will have to try…. All our horses they are not running until end of january cos there s no races for them.

  8. Nicolas, how are the horses doing and what are some of the targets for them?

    Do you expect Mr. Kadyrov to visit Dubai this winter?

    When you said the Iranian was with you on World Cup day, was Mr. Kadyrov also present, and was Mr. Delimkhanov at the races, too?


  9. Dear Sid, the proper people in the circle give it to me the information that I publish in my newsletter, that’s no my words, was they words… Also I can say that is usual of our people lies about the prices of the horses…They don’t like to pay taxes, you know…Please remember the case of Storm Mayor…It’s a good example the way its work…
    Brown’s peolpe can say anything that they think, buy I tell you that’s nobody says the thruth…That’s a fact…
    Gracias Nicolás por darme una mano, mirá que no soy rencoroso pero tampoco me olvido…Que tengan la misma suerte que con Rock Ascot!!!
    Byes Sid, good luck…

  10. Thanks Diego for the clarification….for those that don’t know, Diego Mitagstein is the editor of Turf Diario in Buenos Aires, and he first reported the sale of the Argentine Derby winner Storm Chispazo.

    The translation of his comment to Nicolas is:
    “Thanks Nicolas for giving me a hand…I am not venegeful but I will not forget, either…I hope you have the same luck you had with Rock Ascot!!!” [Rock Ascot was a Uruguayan G1 winner who hadn’t done much since his sale to an American trainer in the Middle East; Mr. Kadyrov got the horse after the World Cup, and he won on all weather in England on Oct.9.]

  11. The horses will run in Dubai and only from the end of January when the carnival starts. The only one at the races was the Iranian guy and mr kadyrov was here in dubai only once. The information about the price has nothing to do with me and the tax is paid by the seller so has nothing to do with us also. If Diego says that they, ” the sellers” told him about the price, I don’t think they will tell him the right price if they don’t want to pay the tax after. If I’m not saying the price is cos I don’t know the final price but is not what Mitagstein says. Diego: We didn’t buy rock ascot and he won with us in England beaten a listed winner, I know is not a champion but we managed to win a race so job done for us that managed to recover a horse with a lot of problems. I don’t forget either!!!

  12. Nicolas, give us an idea of what Meydan is like. I heard last year that many horses at Nad Al Sheba developed breathing problems/bled because of the pollution…

    How is the track surface and barn areas?

    Also, what is the feeling in Dubai with the debt problems being reported all over the world…

    How does Mr. Kadyrov communicate with you and Herman and get information on his horses?

  13. Meydan is a great proyect and still running very fast and everything will look amazing. We only using a Tapeta training track at the moment that personally like it. The barns are the same as before so no barn changes at the moment. Nothing seems to stop Dubai at the moment and hopefully all become normal again cos is a great place to live and train horses. Communication is like in any other stables, secretary send weekly reports to Ramzan s office and someone translate it. We didnt have any bleeders last season but i heard that also but i can only talk of our horses.

  14. Sid/Nicolás…For me this thing is finished…I publish the information that my people gives me, that’s all…Its just my work…Nicolas can say anything he want, its not my matter…I was very sad yesterday with Nicolas words about my article, because I’m not a lier…I work like anything here to put on-line my newsletter and my website and know about the way this business works…To Nicholas, I’m sorry for my words…To Sid, you always can be confident with my articles, I never publish lies and every time I was wrong I’m the first to recognize it.

  15. Diego/Nicolas: I don’t think Nicolas was calling you a liar, Diego, and your information always has been solid and I’ve lost no faith in it; your apology, I’m sure, will be appreciated by Nicolas, who only disputed the seven figure amount. Let’s face it, gentlemen, we’ve seen this type of stuff before, and it is virtually impossible to confirm a sales price anywhere — especially so in Argentina; throw in the fact that the buyer is the president of Chechnya, and, as Nicolas himself said, even he wouldn’t know the final price!

    What I’m sure the readers of this blog appreciate is that a trainer in Dubai is commenting freely on important issues with an editor in Buenos Aires and the writer of the blog in Brooklyn, NY, discussing, among other issues, the sale of the Argentine Derby winner to the president of Chechnya!

    Gentlemen and readers, it’s a new world of journalism, indeed.

  16. Nicolas, glad to hear that Meydan looks good and everything appears to be going great. Please email me photos of Meydan now so that readers can get a gimpse of what it’s like (shfernando@rocketmail.com).

    Now that Rock Ascot has won on the all weather, will he be sent to you and Herman for the Meydan meet? Is there a possibility that Mr. Kadyrov will send the Russian 2000 Guineas winner Indian Jameson to race at Dubai this winter? Or any other horse from Moscow?

    Do you expect greater participation from your other Russian owners? Who are they?

    You said you have only been using the Tapeta training track so far. How is the main track — also a Tapeta surface?

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