Ray Paulick reports Summer Bird injured in Japan on PR

6 thoughts on “Ray Paulick reports Summer Bird injured in Japan on PR”

  1. And bad news like this, about a beloved American racehorse in a foriegn land, is a perfect example of where Twitter can shine like no other. Although I can’t believe that the info on this is solely coming through Ray Paulick, you would think that others on the ground there would be chiming in. Backstretch folks, owners, Japanese fans.

    I’ve never tweeted. I don’t like Twitter. But I cannot deny that not many fads played a big part in getting out news from a war zone of a country like Iran was earlier this year. I, and others like myself, will be dragged kicking and screaming into the new age.

    Summer Bird is okay. Whew! Before the “evil trainers, evil owners, poor horsie” crowd jumps in, let’s note that Conduit is under quite the vigorous campaign too.

    Moving ahead. As he recuperates in Japan, will there be a chance to move him in as a stallion? Would he fit those Sunday Silence mares that Mr. Werk said need dates with some new, charming US stallions looking for sunnier shores with better economies.

  2. And the downside of Twitter too . . . or in this case the good news . . . Steve Haskin just revealed that he has a bone chip, the size of a pea, only. And that he’s headed home at some point.

    Maybe it was the language barrier, broken front leg vs. bone chip size of a pea. That fad doesn’t translate? At least racing fans can go to sleep a bit more peacefully now.

  3. Wendy, I saw what Steve reported, but there was no language problem from JRA. They said:

    “US trained Summer Bird fractures foreleg, withdraws from Japan Cup Dirt (G1)
    The Japan Racing Association has announced that the 2009 Belmont Stakes winner, Summer Bird (3yo colt), has withdrawn from the 2009 Japan Cup Dirt (G1) scheduled for Hanshin Racecourse on December 6, 2009.

    It became clear after his training on Sunday, Nov. 29, that the Tim Ice-trained colt has a metacarpus fracture in his right foreleg. “

  4. No lightening fast Twitter reporting lost in translation, no errors with news spread at the speed of light. Got it.

    I wonder what the full report will be by morning, it just keeps getting better and better. DRF quotes his owners suggesting he might resume training in 2010.

    Get well Summer Bird. Good night Sid and fellow Tweeters.

    Summer Bird and Quality Road in 2010.

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