Overdose has returned to Hungary in secrecy, press says

4 thoughts on “Overdose has returned to Hungary in secrecy, press says”

  1. Wow, this storyline sounds so familiar . . . great horse, thieving owners . . . has anyone alerted Jess Jackson to the possibilities . . .

    He’ll do fine. Curlin had Scott Blasi and Overdose has Barbara.

  2. Gina, Mr. Ribrarszki, a champion trainer in Hungary, has been looking to relocate for a while, mainly because the business at Kincsem, Bratislava, Ebreichsdorf, etc., is not lucrative. He’s been looking at Hoppegarten in Berlin, and he’s said he’d like to take Overdose with him. Mr. Mikoczy, an ethnic Hungarian who holds a Slovak passport, has wanted Overdose to be known as a Hungarian runner, representing his homeland, where as you know he’s a national icon and source of pride. Mr. Mikoczy’s two partners, however, are Slovakian, and one of them, Mario Hoffman, is one of the most powerful and richest men in Slovakia. He’d like Overdose to be transferred to Slovakia for the winter, where he apparently has a facility for the horse to recover and train.

    With Mr. Mikoczy behind bars in Romania, Mr. Hoffman holds a strong hand. Mr. Hoffman, however, also has burgeoning legal issues on the international front. He’s been linked to a shady land deal in Turks and Caicos and graft involving TC’s ex prime minister. His company, Istrokapital, has also been linked to the Russian mob in press reports, all of which Mr. Hoffman has denied.

    So, yes, Wendy, it’s nice that Overdose has Barbara, who’s publicly stated that she will go with the horse regardless of who owns him.

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