Tweets on first-crop sires and why you shouldn’t avoid ’em

11 thoughts on “Tweets on first-crop sires and why you shouldn’t avoid ’em”

  1. What is tilting in the unproven horse’s favor from the breeder’s point of view is that many are now offering better value and are covering less mares.

    There is price range in which you don’t get a lot of proven horse, and where a breeder, particularly one covering a large number of mares, can take a chance with an unproven horse.

    There are a couple out there that were terrific runners, and had very good-looking yearlings this year, and look well worth the punt.

    Does show how fast the pendulum swings, who’d have thought 18 months ago that we’d be having to persuade clients to take shot with unproven horses?

  2. Indeed, and herein lay the true economics of behavior, the tipping for clients is and will be, the extra information. I did 30 horses in three days at Keeneland, for those buying like situations or thinking of it. You guys are on point! KT/THT

  3. Emotional Conformation & Psychological Profiles provided or made available for certain clients, which gives them more information on the prospects of their investment, is the perfect complimentary service to make available that goes along with expert pedigree work as another step forward. It makes sense, when you’re buying a helluva airplane, to make sure the pilot flying it can get the most out of it. Hey, you don’t play baseball just on the infield!

  4. Sid, your so right. And there are so many more examples like that get info ahead of time for the best possible result.
    i.e.NFL(and all there wonderful tests like wunderlick).
    The FBI gets info for profiling and many more. So, why not horse racing?

    Kerry graded Zenyatta back in June and he had graded her the highest of all the horses he looked at including many of the ones on the Triple Crown trail.

    Ptype profiling works.

  5. One extra thought:
    I’ve been with Kerry on both visits when this happened and its the scale he designed and also the verbalization of the horses issues.
    We heard the same thing on our visit to Zenyatta from John Shireffs and that is in the video. The trainers and others can’t verbalize what they see(and we have been told this by Meg and John). This is big facto.
    Consider the jocks as well in this category. Think of the advantage when you can communicate whats going on? I’m a fan of auto racing and when the driver can communicate to the engineer they have an advantage.
    Not unlike a jockey and a trainer or owner…

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