Steve Haskin, ‘hack,’ was the butt of joke, subject of story

9 thoughts on “Steve Haskin, ‘hack,’ was the butt of joke, subject of story”

  1. Sid,
    This is TOO funny. Brere Haskin also wrote a highly sensitive piece about Quality Road getting himself in a tight.
    The colt is being shipped back by van, not plane. Might chill him out some.

  2. Kevin, yes, it was brilliant of Jessica to put it together. As for the word hack, as I tried to imply in my post, it’s a common reference — not a perjorative — for journalists in Britain.

  3. Hi Sid, this was just e-mailed to me by our marketing person. Marcus Armytage doesnt realize I do get the humorous side of Cecil, which is why I asked him those questions, to get a humorous column out of it. You sure arent going to get a riveting and informative column from Sir Henry, so you go with the man’s most entertaining trait, which is dry humor and tongue-and-cheek comments. It was all in good fun, just like Marcus Armytage riding in the first amateur race ever run in America and falling off his horse down the backstretch. The next year he wins the Grand National. Now that’s humor.

  4. I also have to add that humor is watching the two Brit journalists on the other side of Cecil fawning all over him, asking mundane questions just to get a sound bite as if they were talking to Prince Philip. They seemed so grateful that he was even talking to them.

  5. Steve,

    Obviously Armytage didn’t realize you saw the humor in it, but it was evident in your piece that you did — which is why it was humorous. So when he has you wandering off tryiing to figure out what happened, he doesn’t realize you’re making a bee line for any American trainer you can find and you;re happy to settle for the Irish O’Brien.

    Good stuff.

  6. I cannot believe Steve Haskin just said “tongue-and-cheek.”

    I feel like I just saw Santa harnessing the reindeer to the sleigh backwards

  7. Re. Steve Haskin

    What a shame that these colonials still needs confirmation that they have done well and that they have an attractive country. Grow up ask searching questions not bland tosh.

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