Historical perspectives and Blandford’s survival in Monsun

7 thoughts on “Historical perspectives and Blandford’s survival in Monsun”

  1. Sid,

    The survival of Blandford is truly an amazing tale. Pure and simple, he was the most powerful classic influence of his lifetime, but the lines of descent were immediately rather shaky.

    For more on the twisted fate of this line, see today’s blog.

    But this line is not the only one to survive or prosper more in a racing environment other than its “homeland.”

    The resurgence of Halo/Turn-to in Japan is perhaps the most exceptional contemporary example, but even the difference between Danehill in Oz and Danehill in Ireland is a study in how a stallion can truly fit one scheme of racing and fit less well in another.


  2. Hi Sid- I jumped over from the link on Frank’s site. I read that Coolmore was trying to add Monsun, or his sons, to their arsenal. Too bad we didn’t see any German stars in the BC Marathon. Sad that the purse is not 1 million plus. Fitting that it was won by a Man Of IRON.

  3. This article gives me hope and great pleasure knowing that we stand a direct son of Surumu here in Alberta, Canada. Your points reinforce why we purchased him three years ago. However standing him in Alberta is like being the fat kid in school. Being different isn’t always cool.


    1. what an interesting stallion and story. why are his first foals so young when he’s 15 or 16? i hope he does well — love his pedigree and the 2×3 inbreeding to the two full sibs. keep me posted, and let me know some history behind him.

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