Overdose owner sentenced to 19 months Friday; to appeal

11 thoughts on “Overdose owner sentenced to 19 months Friday; to appeal”


    It has just come to my attention that someone has been misrepresenting my name, Joe R. Cowles, and identity on Sid Fernando’s web site and blog. The “j cowles” identified herein (and apparently for many months) is without a doubt not me. I spoke with Sid on the phone and discussed this matter in detail, and he is now aware that I have had nothing to do with the previous postings on this blog. And to whomever out there that has made these apparent misreprentations, be advised that as an attorney, I will contact both state and federal authorities and prosecute this to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. Joe R. Cowles — not the j cowles who posted first on this string — did indeed contact me today by email, and then I spoke to him by phone. Joe R. Cowles, who is a part owner of the farm Gunston Hall and whose father is the vet Ruel Cowles, has not been the same individual who has posted profanities on here over the months, I’m convinced. Someone has appropriated parts of his identity.

  3. ***************IMPORTANT NOTICE****************

    Please be advised that I consider this to be a very serious matter. Sid is also aware of how angry I am about this matter.

    Under NO circumstances have any of the previous inappropriate or rude comments posted on this website or blog under “j cowles” been made by Joe R. Cowles, Lexington, Ky.

    I demand that this person CEASE and DESIST IMMEDIATELY.

    An attorney will be contacting Yahoo to determine ownership of this e-mail address/account on Monday. I intend to pursue this matter until my name has been fully cleared.

  4. I am also perturbed that someone assumed the identity of Joe R. Cowles to post on here. That individual, who posted as j cowles (email was jrcowles), also mentioned in a post comment that he had a son named Wally. The real Joe R. Cowles also has a son named Walter, so this was not simply a case of mistaken identity on my part, of assuming that j cowles was Joe R. Cowles. This was premeditated deception, with someone posting on here to make me and blog readers believe that the poster j cowles was the actual Joe R. Cowles.

  5. Gentlemen is this a fifth grade blog or a horse racing blog. I’ve been a fan of the blog for some time, but am tired of the “cowles” stuff, Im sorry we had a case of mistaken identity but this is the risk you take with a blog. The more we acknowledge some jerk who can’t even use his real name the more he likes it. Lets talk about this great game and maybe ZENYATA, GOLDKOVA, RACHEL. SID keep up the good work.

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