Mourilyan 3d in Oz for Kadyrov, fighting Grozny assassins

ramzan kadyrov
Ramzan Kadyrov (blue): He did it.

Readers of this blog are fully versed on the details of the assassination of Sulim Yamadaev in Dubai on March 28, the date of the World Cup at Nad Al Sheba. Mr. Yamadaev was a former associate of Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov who had fled Chechnya after the assassination of his brother Ruslan in Moscow in late 2008. The Dubai police chief implicated Mr. Kadyrov’s cousin and right-hand man, Adam Delimkhanov, in the assassination of Mr. Yamadaev, and Mr. Delimkhanov, a member of the Russian government, is wanted on Interpol as a result. [For more background on this story, use the search function on this blog. There are several posts on the matter.]

As everyone knows by now, Mr. Kadyrov’s Mourilyan ran 3rd to Shocking and Godolphin’s Crime Scene in the Melbourne Cup. What hasn’t been as well known this week are the shocking crime scenes in Grozny surrounding two alleged assassination attempts of Messrs. Kadyrov and Delimkhanov. Details are fuzzy and unreliable, but could it be a blood feud? The Yamadaevs, after all, have lost two brothers.

Or are these assassination attempts a part of the grand plan of Mr. Kadyrov’s press secretary, Alvi Kerimov, to fabricate dangers for Mr. Kadyrov to foster sympathy for the Kremlin-installed leader of Chechnya?

A Nov. 2 article seems to feel it’s the latter scenario.

On October 23, Russian news agencies reported from Grozny that an attempt on the lives of Ramzan Kadyrov and Adam Delimkhanov had been prevented in the Chechen capital (, October 23).”

Click here to read the article that questions these attempts.

If, on the other hand, the dangers are real, the people of Chechnya can be comforted by the knowledge that their leader knows karate. See below:


Mourilyan 3d in Oz for Kadyrov, fighting Grozny assassins

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