Arrest of Overdose owner story a study of new journalism

4 thoughts on “Arrest of Overdose owner story a study of new journalism”

  1. Sid,

    Once again you are sharpening the cutting edge of journalism, and in this case, schooling our associates. Well deserved, and methinks, you should invoice the publications in question.


  2. Sid

    Good job. I was criticized this summer, interestingly enough by another blogger, for running with a news story from a trainer’s Facebook status update.

    Stephane Chevalier, former assistant trainer for Big City Man, updated his Facebook status saying that Big City Man (winner of the Dubai Golden Shaheen) had died. I contacted Stephane and asked him about this, he gave me initial details, and I posted the story.

    I assumed that the traditional media would get more specific details (and I waited for them), but I was wrong, and frankly, impatient with the snail-like pace that many of the traditional sources operate.

    I figured it was time to do the work on my own if no one else was going to, so I located Jeff Mullins’ phone number (Jeff was, at the time, the current trainer) through the Hollywood Park website, called him, and obtained official details regarding the death.

    My story was posted around 1pm, with the details of the situation, and a “traditional” source finally posted their own story after 6pm.

    Then…I got a complaint because I gleaned news from Facebook and then confirmed it with the person who wrote it…go figure.

  3. Pat,

    Go figure, indeed!

    The problems of the “traditional media” are many, and quite frankly many aren’t really trained or qualified to do the job.

    Btw, I do remember your story well, and I also was stunned that it took ages for it to get out.

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