Farish vs. ‘Mainstream Kentucky’ is trump for Paulick

2 thoughts on “Farish vs. ‘Mainstream Kentucky’ is trump for Paulick”

  1. As ever, your prescient piece on the aggregators was 48 hours ahead of a cutting-edge controversy. The blogosphere is live news and commentary, not that cheesy old stuff on television.

    Thanks for the memo, Sid. Perhaps our compatriot Glenn can put me on the fast track (I probably need to use one of the hilarious pics that you and he specialize in).

    The crowd allied against slots for racetracks is a wooly group composed of riverbank casinos, their lobbyists and paid Kentucky commentators, radical religious groups, right-wingers who want to turn back the clock to 1950, and disgruntled social workers who oppose all gambling as a drain on the welfare of the poor. That group couldn’t stand to be in the same room together for five minutes without starting WWIII.


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