Did American trainer in France step on the wrong toes?

7 thoughts on “Did American trainer in France step on the wrong toes?”

  1. Ms Rarick has an agenda and makes it known on various horseracing sites. I dare say that the tone of her writings on the subject of all things negative re: American racing, is very typically French. Take that as you may.

  2. Ms. Rarick is opinionated and is indeed a prolific poster on numerous sites, and her message — agenda, as you say — is that American racing is tres rotten compared to Europe, s’il vous plait. However, she’s a fine writer and does make legitimate points, but I certainly understand your “typically French” allusion and would agree with it as well.

  3. After reading her ‘censored’ piece I see numerous mistakes, liberties taken and questionable opinion. Was Rachel Alexandra “clearly” going to win the Woodward? At what point was it clear that she was going to win? Wow.

    Some of the other liberties she has taken is to insinuate that somehow Lasix is a pain masking drug, which it most certainly isn’t. She explains briefly the difference between American style and European style racing but fails to make the obvious connection as to why American horses need a little help despite her mapping that out. Wouldn’t saying that American horses are stabled at inferior places, made to run on dirt tracks with tight turns over shorter distances while following the same routine daily? Doesnt that kind of make the point that because of circumstances that are disadvantageous, the American horses will need medications like Bute and Lasix?

    She also sneers at American record keeping as though that somehow makes American racing more of a business than a sport. Interesting observation but not really pertinent to the entire idea of examining European runners in the breeders Cup OR her anti-medication/whipping agenda.

    She calls the steroid ban in most US racing states ‘a partial ban’ as though there were some gaping, giant loopholes to jump through. There aren’t. And her idea that the steroid ban had something to do with European success at the Breeders Cup in last years event is totally without merit.

    The idea that America isn’t part of International racing is strange considering it was written in a blog piece supposedly about European participation in a US event. The irony is laughable.

    The truth of the matter is that it was a poorly written, biased, op-ed piece that clearly wasnt a report on European horses participation in this years Breeders Cup.

  4. She referred to Rachel’s Haskell, not Woodward, so let’s get that straight.

    Opinion is just that — everyone has one. I respect her’s.

    I do think the piece was well written, but apparently — as you say and Patrick Patten has commented on — it was not the subject matter she was assigned to cover.

    1. My mistake on switching the Woodward and Haskell. After watching the Haskell replay all I can say is that I am ever arrested in a third world country and punished to ‘flogging’, I hope that Calvin Borel is doing it.

  5. Charles, with all the ass kissin’ taking place — pardon my French — maybe it’s time for a little ass whuppin’. The blogger Glenn Craven (Fugue for Tinhorns) has volunteered his ass for a whipping experiment with the new padded whip. You wouldn’t have to go 3d World to make it happen!

    (This comment was inadvertently deleted, and I had to re-write and repost it.)

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