Possible scenario for Sea the Stars: Syndication in Ireland

6 thoughts on “Possible scenario for Sea the Stars: Syndication in Ireland”

  1. Byron Rogers sent me a public message on Facebook that pertains to this post, about the relationship between Coolmore and Sheikh Mohammed and one stallion they own in partnership. Below is the full text of our exchange.

    Byron Rogers: Actually they own Ad Valorem together so it would not be so amazing.

    Sid Fernando: 1 stallion, and you don’t think it’s amazing? And you must surely know that they didn’t go into partnership on Ad Valorem together. The Inghams had purchased 50% of him from Coolmore in 2006, and Sheikh Mohammed inherited him when he purchased Woodlands from the Inghams in 2008. It was hardly a partnership they began.

  2. Byron, as i said to you on Facebook, i think your idea is excellent and in line with my feelings, even if the horse was syndicated.

    I wrote this to Byron on Facebook:

    That’s a great concept. I think that this horse actually will bring the model back to the old days of syndication, where the shareholders actually bred to race and very few yearlings entered the commercial market place. And those that did would command huge prices. But, your model, is based pretty much on that concept, too.

  3. John Clarke sent me an email saying, in so many words, that he wouldn’t mind the scenario of this post. It makes all the sense in the world for Mr. Clarke to be in the middle of this as he’s played such an integral part in the making of this horse. Good luck, John!

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