It’s now ‘official’: Sea the Stars has been retired to stud

2 thoughts on “It’s now ‘official’: Sea the Stars has been retired to stud”

  1. Sid,

    As you correctly point out, it was the unstated expectation that the Arc would be the end of the trail for the Stars.

    In a different international market, he might well have needed to come to the States and test his World Champion laurels against the best US horses with a view to standing at a stud here.

    Today, that is not the case. Sea the Stars would surely not have much greater cachet to breeders if standing here locally in Kentucky, and his owners would not likely get any more money here than they can expect in Europe.

    I’m hearing Irish National Stud, but nobody seems in a great hurry about making that final.


  2. FRank, very true. No doubt John Clarke of the Irish National Stud will play a role in where the horse goes to stud, along with Christopher Tsui’s mother, who’s the behind-the-scenes power broker. Coolmore owns the half-brother, Galileo,while Darley owns King’s Best from the family,as well as the sire, Cape Cross. One of those two will likely get the horse, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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