Glenn suggests Calvin whip him but will settle for Chantal

6 thoughts on “Glenn suggests Calvin whip him but will settle for Chantal”

  1. “Settle?!” 🙂

    Seriously, though, did you notice that Glenn Petty, executive director of the Virginia Thoroughbred Association, has commented in the thread after my blog on this subject?

    He’s already struck himself in the calves with both whips and can vouch that the “Pro-cush” whip still hurts, but not as much as the traditional crop.

  2. Have y’all noticed many writers now use the word ‘crop’ when referring to a whip? Crop does not sound as vicious as whip. Don’t be fooled.

    Stick. Cane. Whip. Crop. Lash. Whatever euphimism one can find for it, the meaning is cruelty.

    Anyway, it seems we shall not be staging an exhibition, despite Glenn Cravens’s brave gesture. As I suggested, the public will not countenance public flogging of any creature EXCEPT horses.

    As Glenn will not be able to confirm flogging is a painful experience, I can tell you it is. I’ve been flogged. It was painful. I shall never forget it.

  3. Sid,

    Is this subject going to die an ignominious death?

    Although it may be the subject of some good-natured banter, it is a very, very serious matter.

    As illustration, forget cruelty to the horse. Instead, consider cruelty to the betting public. It hurts their pockets, which we all know can be the most sensitive part of the anatomy. Proof?

    At Woodbine, in the Northern Dancer, Castellano literally whipped his horse out of a stakes win. Madly flogging, he caused his horse to drift in towards the rail and out of the money! Only sheer good luck prevented a pile-up. If he had dropped the whip and used the steering-gear provided by bit and reins, his horse would have won.
    Castellano hurt a whole crowd of bettors.

    By contrast, when VENTURA got erratic as she began her run, Gomez (for once) did not resort to the whip. He used his hands, kept her straight and got the money. That made a whole crowd of bettors very happy.

    As it seems jockeys concede that flogging does not make a horse run faster and we can clearly see the whip drives horses off track, why not protect the bettors’ interests and support a ban on whips.

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