Blogger Craven agrees to be guinea pig for padded whip!

10 thoughts on “Blogger Craven agrees to be guinea pig for padded whip!”

  1. Bear in mind I’m a journalist. Sometimes we just have to do these things.

    A few years ago, the two female reporters we had covering the cops beat in our small town *volunteered* to be pepper-sprayed — and to write about it — just so they knew and could tell readers what it was like.

    My brother-in-law the cop had to be shot with a Taser before the PD would let him carry one.

    So this sort of thing isn’t unprecedented.

    Perhaps I’ll blog-up a list of suggested ground rules for the experiment.

    Anyway, I can honestly say I’d rather be flogged a few times with the “padded” whip than pepper-sprayed or shot with a Taser.

  2. At this stage it may not be appropriate to start squabbling over the rules, but, “Don’t make me run”. ???
    Heck! Isn’t that the reason the horses are flogged – to make them run?

  3. gentlemen,

    with the bloodbath at keeneland, most members of the JC Thoroughbred Safety Committee are preoccupied, i think, and Jerry Brown is staying away from this one. we may have to have glenn conduct a trial run of the whipping session in the privacy of his own home — glenn, if you are married, perhaps your wife could help? — and report to us.

    i see that ray paulick, who’s also at keeneland, is doing his part by giving the issue prime real estate on his site.

    so far, my feelers to TV have resulted in only one offer — the Spice Network, but they insist that the whip is NOT padded AND that Glenn wears a leather choker, too!

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