The Curmudgeon looks like a director and acts like him, too

5 thoughts on “The Curmudgeon looks like a director and acts like him, too”

  1. Chinatown (along with Blade Runner and Women in Love off the top of my head) ranks among my top five all time favorite movies. Will never forget Faye Dunaway’s and Jack Nicholson’s famous scene where Nicholson repeatedly slaps Dunaway and she alternates between “My sister!” My daughter!” and both are true. And Huston was, well, Huston….But there’s little resemblance…could never do that great voice!

    As you, yourself, know, a blog allows you to say things you simply cannot say in an official capacity as a representative of anyone but yourself. As Arianna Huffington has pointed out, blogging is all about immediacy, first thoughts, raw passions. That is why folks like the Greek goddess and Andrew Sullivan are so effective. They let it all hang out. Why shouldn’t we?

  2. well, we must share the same noir and neo-noir tastes in film, because chinatown and blade runner are two of my top 5, too. obviously polanski, by casting huston, paid homage to his maltese falcon, just as ridley scott did to chinatown with blade runner….the voice, ah, that made that character…as crackly as the lines on his face…but back to blogging, it’s as unique a place now as chinatown was back then…’s chinatown, jake, er, john

  3. You know “Blade Runner” was taken from a book called
    “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”?

    It was written the great sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, who died before the film was finished (although I think he saw some rough cuts).

    They had to buy the rights to the book “Blade Runner” which has a totally different story, just to get the title.


    Rachel, I think now verges on great. Young English journalist asked me if Sea the Stars was the best we’ve ever seen!!….I think so far, he’s just very good. He might have struggled with Sea-Bird II just a bit…!

  4. Yes, of course….I’ve read virtually all of Philip K. Dick….Paranoid nut that he was, still a wonderful writer.

    I have no quarrel with calling either Rachel of Sea The Stars great racehorses….but let’s be rigorous about our evaluations….And I’m afraid most turf writers these days don’t even understand what that means…That’s why I wrote the little lesson on Timeform.

    I think Leopardstown was easily Sea The Stars’s best performance….but I hope the Woodward was Rachel’s worst this year….Yes I know the first quarter was fast, but Dr. Fager would have dealt with that and beaten a horse like Macho Again (maybe…with the emphasis on maybe…a 125 Timeform horse or thereabouts) by 10 laughing. Okay, maybe he’s an extreme example, but my point is I think her connections would be wise to give her the break they’re talking about, because she looked like a tired horse to me.

    Sea The Stars on the other hand, is still improving.

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