New blog addresses issues of corporate blogs, journalism

4 thoughts on “New blog addresses issues of corporate blogs, journalism”

  1. The only surprising part about the BH anecdote is that critical comments got through at all on those virtual rags, if only for a brief appearance. Every single sentence written there has the same tone, slant and cookie-castle POV the printed version offers, so they’re most certainly “corporate blogs”.

    Personally, I’m 0-for-4 over at the Prawdahorse. Three of my comments were actually pretty light criticism (nothing that the writer could take personally), the fourth one concluded that the BH editor in question (Dan Liebman) had lost all journalistic integrity, but did so in a way and tone that would’ve easily been rated “acceptable” in all other corners of the web.

  2. Malcer,

    At 0-4, you’re doing better than some I know who are 0-9!

    Problem is the tone set at the top, from the publisher, who had no background in racing when he took the job. He came from Women’s Wear Daily, and he runs it like a corporate rag.

  3. Sid: fair point, but I wouldn’t put all the blame on the publisher. After all, I’m sure they don’t micro-manage the BH blogs.

    Also, you don’t need to have watched a single horse race in your life to know the basic principles of blog etiquette, such as that you don’t delete comments just because you disagree with them. The BH obviously thinks of their blogs as some weird form of articles, with the paper’s “letters-to-the-editor”-department reserving the right to cherry-pick the responses they’d like to publish (although even LttE departments will include critical responses).

    In case any BH employees are reading: blogs are a different kind of animal, where comments are, by default, accepted until they outright violate your rules. Yesyes, quite the switcheroo, I know.

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