Equineline sire stats in Blood-Horse incomplete, misleading

3 thoughts on “Equineline sire stats in Blood-Horse incomplete, misleading”

  1. Hi Sid,
    We use BRIS and they do not list non-black-type “stakes” as stakes winners.
    That’s the problem with B-Horse being owned by TOBA and creating their own lists. I would bet you that Equineline does not list these as stakes winners either.

  2. This is cutting-edge information, Sid, and the farms should be paying attention both to your blog and to the lag in “their” information provider.

    No doubt some of them are paying great attention, and the information on many US-bred winners in countries overseas is frequently supplied by the breeders and stallion farms to the informaton providers.

    Frank Mitchell

  3. Joan — You are right, but equineline is all about making money and it will provide end users such as bloodhorse.com with “stakes rules” stats, even though those stats are misleading to many .

    Frank — It’s amazing in this day and age there’s lag time, as you note. Unfortunately, many stud farms are not getting up-to-date info on their stallions’ overseas runners, especially in countries outside the standard Euro axis.

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