Jim Squires’ new book “Headless Horsemen” cuts to chase

6 thoughts on “Jim Squires’ new book “Headless Horsemen” cuts to chase”

  1. I too loved Squires first bookand his racing prospects Whacko and Snake–haven’t we all owned these guys?

    Can’t wait to read his latest–just ordered it.

  2. As a small racing stable owner, I’ve been saying for several years the same things I believe Jim Squires is saying in his new book.

    The lack of leadership at the NTRA and TOBA is killing the racing industry. I do not feel the industry can clean itself up. Our industry needs congressional action and a National Racing Commission. More governmental involvement is a last resort but we are at that point.

    Mr. Squire’s book should be “must” for all who want to see the racing business succeed.

  3. Your feelings about NTRA, TOBA and other like organizations are shared by many. Mr. Squires’ book, judging from the sensational title and notes from the publicity agent, promises to shake up the status quo. Once I get my copy, I’ll read the book and review it on here.

  4. Jim Squires new book “Headless Horseman” reveals a great deal of the dirty grit and greed that will ultimately dictate the demise of the horse industry. Squires lays out the facts behind the big players that every seasoned TB industry insider knows but has been afraid to reveal for the ramifications that may follow. It is an industry controlled by a select few, and the reason for lack of obvious national leadership is because the greedy Dinnies are the good old boy leaders and don’t want their reign to end…they control the reins and decide who puts their boots in the irons. You go Jim; LOVE YOUR BOOK!!!

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