Peruvian farm invasion leads to beheading of two stallions

4 thoughts on “Peruvian farm invasion leads to beheading of two stallions”

  1. Wow, you’re quite an investigator – if only you had a job with the CHRB ;-).

    I’ve only been to Peru (Tacna) once for a few hours, but from what people who know the country much better tell me, it’s indeed conceivable that some of those semi-guerrilla gangs would kill valuable horses for no other reason than the meat.

    On the other hand, it seems more than a little strange that they would be organized enough to loot a stud farm (twice!; judging from the security level at Latin American villas, I doubt this is a simple in & out affair) and steal several valuable items, but would then steal two stallions for a profit of only a couple of dollars (instead of trying to get a ransom, selling them to another breeder or something like that). It does look more like a deliberate attempt to hurt the owner.

    Anyway, great article again!

  2. Thx Malcer; yes, take the owner’s prized stallions, butcher them, and leave the heads — that sends a message right out of “Godfather.”

    Apparently, Cesti, the owner, is due reparations for the human rights violations, and millions are at stake.

    now, if it’s not the same Cesti, your scenario of selling for horse meat makes sense.

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