What do Paulick, Craven, Werk have in common? The Gulag?

5 thoughts on “What do Paulick, Craven, Werk have in common? The Gulag?”

  1. Respectfully disagree with your conclusion. TOBA has little-to-no power over what bloggers write about, promote, or what things might interest their readership, in my opinion. Perhaps I’m biased as I’m a faithful Paulick reader and I peruse Craven from time-to-time (man that guy writes a lot!), but this is the age of the arm chair journalist, and I’m not convinced any body has the power to significantly impact a blog’s stories.

  2. thanks for checking in…i don’t mean that TOBA big shots would influence what they write in blogs, but in the cases of WErk and Paulick, especially, TOBA big shots can affect their business endeavours, and actually have in behind-the-scenes machinations that I’m privy to.

  3. I might pay a price for this someday, who knows?

    Obviously if Jack Werk can’t buy an ad in the Blood-Horse, then there’s a lot of power being wielded against him. Frankly, even if I *were* in business against him, I’d be glad to take his advertising dollars.

    As Ray Paulick and you have noted, Stacy Bearse is writing to TOBA members (minus Jack) imploring them to stop spending money with other publications because he supposedly fears that only one industry weekly will make it through the recession. But he won’t take Jack Werk’s advertising dollars?

    That’s a grudge!

    Ray, of course, is now a competitor on the Web.

    I’m just a horsefly in the ointment, unless and until I’m either somebody in the turf writing business or somebody who owns a nice horse. Then I guess we’ll see who takes out their frustrations on me, and how.

  4. I believe that any competition has to be done in the track. If you system produce good winners for your clients. You are in. If not. You are out.

    Does not matter if TOBA has power or not. Does not matter if you can or not put your adds in Blood Horse, Thoroughbreds Times, etc. The mouth to mouth is what make agents and analysts go up.

    Sid knows me for a long time.

    EINSTEIN and GLORIA DE CAMPEÃO selected by me are doing well out of Brasil. Clients happy. Others that I selected no. Clients not happy. Part of the game.

    The important issue is: everybody has to have equal chance.

  5. When an industry-owned thoroughbred publication gets into the business of mating recommendations, all sorts of conflicts come to the fore.

    When such a magazine is controlled by a publisher with documented personal grudges against industry participants, things get even stickier.

    I agree, everyone should have an equal chance, and let true competition decide where things stand.

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