More credit squeezes loom in 2010 for Kentucky breeders

4 thoughts on “More credit squeezes loom in 2010 for Kentucky breeders”

  1. Mr. Fernando,

    There are so many blogs it is difficult to read all. This is first time I’ve seen yours – linked from Paulick Report. It is your “Possibly related post” re Darley that caught my eye. Having read it, must say the people there defy the old saying; “A leopard does not change it’s spots”.

    A recent item in Paulick prompted me to make a comment about Darley’s failure to honor commitments. Other readers took issue with me. However, I stand by my statement.

    Apart from my own case, I know another where those”nice guys” gave the mare owner an awfully rough and nasty time over a foal-share.

    Perhaps they have had a conversion on the road to Damascus. Honestly, I doubt it.

  2. hey Garrett, thanks for stopping by…..what happened with darley?…..i wrote the post on darley in january, and at the time, with conditions already shaky, horsemen were lauding them for making deals while others were not — at that time….six months later the situation is a lot worse, and many farms have followed darley’s early example of deal making..

  3. Great article Sid, it seems to me that the days of the casual horseman are waning, and a new era of more deeply informed owners/teams or what have you, will bubble to the top. It is no longer feasible or logical for some to purchase or breed like a crap shoot, “harvest” 15 for the stable and hope like heck you get a couple good’ns… Perhaps a culling of the human herd, so to speak, will deliver in the end less horses, but better racing, better breeding, better training, more care, more attention, more time. New methods should well be annexed to the fold, it just makes sense. It will certainly change the climate, though indeed I am truly hoping to see some good from it all. Keep up the fabulous work, I learn a lot from your blog. Kerry

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