Jackson’s worlds collide: Gozzip Girl and Rachel Alexandra

6 thoughts on “Jackson’s worlds collide: Gozzip Girl and Rachel Alexandra”

  1. I appreciate your optimism Sid but….

    What would be the surface (turf or dirt) for such a matchup to take place between Rachel and Gozzip Girl ?

    There is no question that both of these fillies are at the top of their respective divisions and we should appreciate them
    while the can race. It sort of makes up for the lackluster “older male” division does it not?

  2. knight— i read somewhere that Gozzip Girl’s people want to take a shot at the Alabama on dirt over 10 furlongs at Saratoga……Rachel is at Saratoga and may have the race in her plans as well…..never know until it happens, but it may be a possibility.

  3. Sid –

    I didn’t come across the quotes that you are referring to.
    It was a busy weekend you see. But even if it was uttered, it still sounds like a bit of chest-thumping bravado on the part of Gozzip Girl’s connections.

    I will have to find out how Gozzip Girl’s form translates on the main track to get a good read on her ability.

    Until then I’m siding with Rachel in any main track race.
    And the one race that I’d think would be best for Rachel’s Horse of the Year goal would be The Haskell Invitational.

    The Personal Ensign stakes quite frankly, is “just another race”. 😉

  4. Hi sid, enjoyed reading this. We have some guest spots on the racing post coming up, fancy writing something? Love to hear from you, Tony.

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