Brooklyn Bulldogs 12U travel team enters the homestretch

4 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bulldogs 12U travel team enters the homestretch”

  1. Sid, congratulations on a job well done although it must be a poignant moment to be leaving the greatest game. That’s okay, you’re needed as an umpire in the racing industry game. We don’t have any fences or chalk lines–no bases, no home plate–and a lot of foul balls have been getting counted as fair since you began your sojourn in baseball, a lot of infield flies counted as home runs. A lot of runners have been called safe when they were way off base. A lot of strike calls were just wild pitches. Nobody has quite the eye you bring to the field, and I’m glad you’re back calling the game.

  2. Well done montage of the black and white photos.
    Makes me want to take in a game in Brooklyn someday.

    Best wishes to your sons also.
    The going gets much tougher at the high school level,
    I’m sure they know that.

    If all else fails they can watch the Brady episodes with Don Drysdale and Wes Parker. That’ll teach humility.

    Catch you back on the racing pages. 😉

  3. roger — thx for the comment, which i enjoyed with its baseball analogies…..i look forward to punching a few more guys out!!

    knight — i’ll pass on the montage compliment to my son john; yes, they know it gets tougher, as so the distractions for teenage boys! cya back in racing soon.

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