Chechen intrigue in Dubai may have affected Ascot plans

15 thoughts on “Chechen intrigue in Dubai may have affected Ascot plans”

  1. If this weren’t so serious it would be hilarious. We’re going to have to start calling you “fly on the wall Sid”


  2. Having read Negar Azimi’s (senior editor of Bidoun magazine) contribution to the June 2009 issue of Harper’s, titled “Dubai is for Flamingo’s”, one might infer that Dubai is actually a good place for an intrigue to end up. Like the 32 flamingos caught in awkward limbo between upturn and downturn, facts tend to have a hard time finding their way out. I quote Azimi:

    “When the New York Times published accounts of 3,000 cars abandoned at the airport by panicked debt-ridden foreigners, officials insisted that the number was more modest: eleven. Three thousand or eleven? Who knows?”

    Azimi’s account of Dubai also touches on the World Cup, as seen from the public section, of course, where with whom you happen to share space had better be somewhere near the bottom of your list of concerns. Quoting Bob Dylan–and this goes for the flamingos, too:

    The moral of this story,
    The moral of this song,
    Is simply that one should never be
    Where one does not belong.

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