Cannonball and Ward make a case for future US raids to GB

6 thoughts on “Cannonball and Ward make a case for future US raids to GB”

  1. Sorry to be a bit off-topic, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed being able to watch the Royal Ascot races each morning before heading to the office, courtesy of TVG’s coverage. I thought Todd Schrupp and Simon Bray give us excellent history, context, and analysis of both Royal Ascot as an event and for the individual races. Earlier in the week they brought on not only Ken Ramsey, but his entire family (he had, like, 15 family members there), for a good, fun interview.

    Lastly, watching Royal Ascot I could not help but feel sorry for those horses who had to deal with what looks to be a tortuous uphill racing stripe. 🙂

  2. Extemporaneous…You’re right about the hill. I used to live about a mile from the Ascot course and have run around the path outside the course many, many times…in fact we used to have a standard training run that started from the pub (after all we’re English) at the Ascot railway station, went two laps around the Ascot track, and then back to the pub (always a good place to finish).

    The straight course is so tough that no horse broke a minute for five furlongs until Amber Rama (a son of Jaipur, who ran behind Nijinsky II in the 2000 Guineas, achieved the feat, in 1970).

  3. Well considering the record holder for the Kings Stand and 4 of the last 5 winners have been aussie horses, who have travelled half way around the world to get there; is there something to be said for the toughness of our horses?

  4. Tulloch — the Aussies have been exceptional and tough, and Scenic Blast was impressive; it’s 4 over the last 7 years, with Spanish and a couple of French horses mixed in; Cannonball was not exceptional in the US — good, yes — so his big run should be encouraging for trainers over here.

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