Who’s got it right here? The Jockey Club or Weatherbys?

3 thoughts on “Who’s got it right here? The Jockey Club or Weatherbys?”

  1. At Werk Thoroughbred Consultants and eNicks.com, we maintain an independent data base of unrestricted stakes winners. Our records show that Monsun currently has 63 unrestricted stakes winners that qualify for black-type according to the International Cataloguing Standards, which confirms Weatherbys’ number.

  2. Sid,

    A few years back I wrote an article on a Kentucky based sire. Its stud’s website had listed 13 stakes winners and I could only find 12. The missing stakes winner, which I tracked down by down loading a report, had won a stakes race in Trinidad. As Trinidad is list in section three in the ISCB this should not be recognised as black type but just for information purposes.

    The ISCB should not only be followed by media but also by stallion farms too. The most excellent TDN new polices are a great way forward and the fact that many farms now use the TDN’s Progeny PPs which will more consistency to this matter. CWC

  3. I concur. I found stakes-definition to be especially troublesome in historical stallion research, in which sires whose get won “claiming stakes” were counted among his stakes winners.

    Thanks for reminding us of this discrepancy, Sid.

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