Purchase offers coming in for Derby winner Mine That Bird

17 thoughts on “Purchase offers coming in for Derby winner Mine That Bird”

  1. Seriously, if someone is willing to spend $4-5 million for a gelding, they would be fools not to sell. They’ve had their fun, great Triple Crown ride, but…you never know in this sport when it can go downhill…Good luck to them!

  2. Winning the Derby of course is huge. I’m not sure Mine That Bird could surpass that accomplishment even if he won the Breeders’ Cup Classic, although such a victory could make him Horse of the Year.

    I’d rather get my own horse there than buy my way into a Breeders’ Cup. But it’s exactly what Mark Allen, who largely owns the horse, did last year.

  3. I guess the thinking is that he’s a gelding with a huge following and could possibly make money over a period of years — while they have fun watching him. also, whoever is potentially buying the horse has gotta believe that his trainer will improve off the current trainer…..dubai world cup purse is $10,000,000 next year, too — that’s a lot of dough!

  4. I think Mine That Bird’s huge following is because of the “team” behind the horse. The “team of humans” and the horse is the whole package. Remove one and it’s just another boring racing story. Sort of like Rachel Alexandra. A wonderful horse she may be but the “human team” is certainly not worth writing home about. If Mine That Bird was sold to some hotsy totsy big time owner with a hotsy totsy trainer it would be very disappointing.

  5. Inprove off the current trainer???????????? Thats crazy, just because the trainer has a cowboy hat and halls his horse in a trailer, was 1 .2.3. in the triple crown races you think someone else can improve. Lucy if the next trainer does as well.

  6. I think that’s way too much risk for too little reward. Shipping to and from Dubai is a dicey proposition (some horses just don’t handle it well, and it can leave 2-4 month gaps in the racing schedule), and competing against 20-25 horse fields in the World Cup is no easy task. Making back even 3 or 4 million dollars will be very hard, I think. So what’s the upside of spending 3 or 4 million for a gelding when you’ll have to work very hard and get very lucky just to make it back (all the while paying trainer costs, stabling fees, and praying to god the horse doesnt get sick or die)?

    It makes no sense to me, financially.

  7. David, the Dubai World Cup is limited to 16 runners, so not sure where you got this “20-25 horse field” notion. The average for the card is 14.5 runners/race.

  8. Ok, thanks Erin. I watch a lot of international racing, but the World Cup is only one evening of racing each year, and I dont watch any other UAE racing. So I confused it with all the other international events I watch, with their relatively large fields 🙂

  9. I don’t see how they can do that, Mind The Bird is just like our precious Barbaro.
    He is annointed, a Kentuky Derby Winer with the number 8 saddle cloth.
    The only way this would be ok with me and the other FOB’s is if dear Roy and Gretchen Jackson purchased Mind The Bird, or Birdie.
    Just as I thought when Woooley didn’t hug Mind The Bird after he won the Derby, he doesn’t care about birdy or horses, just the money so he can buy more Harley Davison Motorbikes. He and the owners appear to be evil drunkards with theyre big sunglasses they hide behind, just like Michael Iverone and Bob Bafferd.
    This is an outrage. I will light a candle for dear Birdie. Look at this photo and tell me they should sell him. I’m disgusted.

  10. Cigarello, you have got to be out of your mind. Some Photoshopped picture is supposed to be proof that Mine That Bird shouldn’t be sold? Grow up! I guess that MTB’s connections didn’t get the memo that all transactions had to be approved by the almighty Friends of Barbaro.

    On the other hand, your rant is so over the top and full of errors that it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a total goof posted by someone who is anti-FOB. If that is the case, the post is a masterpiece.

  11. oh, ljk — the offer of $2 million for half the horse was declined…that’s $4 mil valuation for the entire horse….i guess for the immediate future I’ll stay with racing and YOUTH BASEBALL

  12. Cigarello, you’re making all the FOB look bad. First, you can’t even spell the horse’s name right. It’s MinE that Bird, with an ‘e.’ If you love him so much you really need to know how to spell his name, for crying out loud.

    Second, all FOB don’t worship the Jackson’s. Respect, yes. But, worship, adore and put them on a pedastel, no! They treated the FOB pretty shabby at CD at Barbaro’s unveiling. Lots of the FOB were hurt and angry. They just happened to own a great horse, they didn’t CREATE him!

    You’re being a tad on the libelous side by calling Chip Woolley an evil drunk. You don’t know him and you don’t know some of the things he’s done for children. You need to back off!

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