Monsun adds to resume with Prix de Diane winner Stacelita

7 thoughts on “Monsun adds to resume with Prix de Diane winner Stacelita”

  1. So one of the “perfect” horses of the 20th century finally became a tail-male ancestor to one of the more important Thoroughbred bloodstock trends of the early 21st century. Nice.

  2. Being overlooked as “good, but not better than our own” has for decades been a blessing-in-disguise for the German breeding industry.

    Given that another somewhat obscure location for today’s sound and competitive breeding is South America, one has to wonder how many outcross and quality “not better than our own” lines are currently sacrificed there in an attempt to maximally exploit the top-paying sires out of the established (and far over-represented) lines.

    Does it bother anyone else that a sport with an admitted unsoundness-problem seems hell-bent on extinguishing those lines that are known to produce sound offspring?

  3. Susan — nice indeed!

    Malcer — Agree, and it’s interesting that the Giant’s Causeway going back to Argentina article you mentioned and dated June 12 was already mentioned here on March 22:

    Also mentioned that Majestic Warrior was headed to the same farm April 3:

    Argentine lines have already been exposed to US bloodlines for a while now, but Brazil still has several “old” lines from France, Germany, and Britain.

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