Strongman Stacy Bearse has personal gripe with Jack Werk

6 thoughts on “Strongman Stacy Bearse has personal gripe with Jack Werk”

  1. Sid,

    In the interests of accuracy of events, a slight correction: to the best of my recollection, Byron Rogers and I actually first took the TrueNicks concept to Ray Paulick during his tenure as editor of The Blood-Horse. Indeed after developing the concept and getting approval from TJCIS as to the costs of development , Byron ran into Ray at lunch at the Thoroughbred Club at which time Ray indicated his interest in a nicking product of some type.

    At that stage, I don’t believe I had ever met Stacy nor had Byron. After Ray initially showed interest – and indicated that they he had also been considering using Werk Nick Ratings in their publications – the TrueNicks concept was then approved by the then CFO Chuck Manson and following that put to Stacy, and subsequently to the Board of Trustees.

    Their support, along with the drive of Ray and Chuck while they were still employed at BHP and Eric Mitchell and Scot Gillies today, has allowed us to provide the industry with an alternative nicking program – something that I have wanted to do for the better part of 25 years – that otherwise may never have seen the light of day due to the costs of creation. As Ray stated in the Paulick Report on the subject at large “The Paulick Report believes competition is good for any business.” I would have to say that the reception to TrueNicks from the breeding community around the world has been very positive.

    Regarding Owner.Breeder, subsequent to the TrueNicks agreement, I had the opportunity to combine Owner.Breeder with The Blood-Horse’s Market Watch, and feel that the resulting publication, which reflects the strengths of its constituent parts, is one of the more useful and relevant sources of industry analysis.

  2. Alan, thanks for that academic clarification, but I’m sure you’d agree that Stacy’s interest in the project was first as a weapon to take on Jack. As you said, it was ultimately given to Stacy to approve.

  3. I am impressed by TrueNicks and have enjoyed experimenting with it, much as I did before with Werk’s eNicks.

    Being a breeder with only two mares and little money, most of the hypomating I’ve done is just that — hypothetical. Or on behalf of friends, etc. And done with the sponsored stallions at each site.

    I find both to be intriguing and informative. I like running the report from both whenever possible, to see if they agree or, if not, whether I can determine wherein the disparities lie.

    And, I agree with Ray Paulick that competition is good.

    However, I also agree that if a publication goes into business hawking such a product, it needs to be remarkably up-front in telling its readers such. As in, “The TrueNicks rating for the winning filly is an A+. (TrueNicks is an affiliated business of The Blood-Horse.)”

  4. jack werk was one of the best human beings that ever graced this earth, i met him in 1974 and adored him, not only was he one of the smartest people i have ever met he was everything u could want in a friend and then some

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