Ray writes: Stacy’s “plan is to kneecap the competition”

2 thoughts on “Ray writes: Stacy’s “plan is to kneecap the competition””

  1. Sid,

    Your analysis, as usual, cuts to the heart of the matter at the Blood-Horse. The engine is sputtering, and the great vehicle that introduced tens of thousands to the greater intricacies of our sport is off course.

    The letter from Bearse to the TOBA members was shockingly insightful — both for what it said and what it dared not mention.

    Where is Bearse’s interest in the horse? Where is his understanding of the grand history of breed, interest in bloodlines and breeders, devotion to the grand trust of writers, breeders, and editors who fashioned the Blood-Horse into the most insightful and best-written racing weekly in the world?

    It’s nowhere because Bearse’s sole interest is money.

    Fine, Bearse is the money man for the publication, but even at that, he has been abomination. How else could a publication empire so flush with cash just a couple of years ago be reduced to begging and arm-twisting its ownership?

    Look at the plush new Blood-Horse building. Look at the lavish web development schemes, the richly rewarded executive staffers, and the benefits cast liberally to chosen individuals.

    In the giddy heights of annually inflating income, couldn’t someone — someone like a money man — have shown a moment’s prudence and equipped the grand airship with proper landing gear and allowed it to coast gracefully when the inevitable economic downturn came?

    That would have taken foresight. That would have taken care and honest restraint.

    Those qualities have been noteworthy by their absence at the floundering Blood-Horse publications. The sad day is arriving when things will have to change. One way or another, it is time for a change at the Blood-Horse.

    Frank Mitchell

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