Frank Mitchell: Money man Stacy has been an abomination

5 thoughts on “Frank Mitchell: Money man Stacy has been an abomination”

  1. This situation is appalling. I must admit I had been unaware of the inner workings of the Blood-Horse, to which I have subscribed for 25 years. When Mr. Paulick was at the Blood-Horse I often found his editorials simpering to the point of uselessness — though I realized he was beholden to TPTB.

    It now appears to me that the role into which Mr. Paulick was forced by the management and uncontrolled rage of the Blood-Horse publisher took a great toll on Mr. Paulick’s psyche and health. I was wrong in judging Ray Paulick by his work for the Blood-Horse. In the Paulick Report he has taken on the malaise, corruption, and unethical activities in the Thoroughbred business that he was previously required to remain silent about. His website is is now required reading, while the increasingly skimpy issues of the Blood-Horse pile up in my closet and I debate throwing them away instead saving them, as I used to do.

    Old affections linger after the reason for having them is gone, but it is difficult to justify continuing to subscribe to the Blood-Horse now that I know the shambles of its financial and personnel management and the unacceptable behaviors of its publisher Stacy Bearse.

    Thank you Sid, and also Ray Paulick and Frank Mitchell, for shedding light on this situation. It’s unhappy to watch the once-wonderful Blood-Horse fail, but with an angry and incompetent king you end up with a ruined kingdom.

  2. how about what you’ve done to the horsemen of illinois? can you answer a question for all of us? did you or did you not register kentucky-breds as illinois breds? think very carefully before you answer, mr. cowles……the blood-horse may want to do a story on you.

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