Sri Lanka turf season begins April 4 in Nuwara Eliya

10 thoughts on “Sri Lanka turf season begins April 4 in Nuwara Eliya”

  1. Sid, you’ve given me yet another country to visit when I embark someday on my around-the-world racetrack tour. Thanks for the heads up on this place …

  2. I’m a world-of-racing nut (and Geography student) , so I’m a bit ashamed to confess that I hadn’t heard about thoroughbred racing in Sri Lanka. I was somewhat relieved to find out that they only held two racedays per year a decade ago, but couldn’t find anything about the current status.

    Is Nuwara Eliya the country’s only racecourse?
    From what I could find, it seems like they only race during their April carnival, so I would assume that it’s an amateur/hobby affair. Do you know if the horses are shippers from India, basically retired or fully in-training?

    Thanks anyway for the article.

  3. Malcer, they have a couple of meets nowadays, the April meet that features the Governor’s Cup, and an August meet, and maybe one other. Nuwara Eliya is the only track presently operating. A major track in the capital city of Colombo is no longer operational. As a former Brit colony, racing was a big deal, with international jocks frequenting the island to race during winter months. I hear there’s a new track and stud facility being built, and the people running the Sri Lanka Turf Club are trying to build the sport up, but with a devastating civil was over the last 30-odd years, etc., the sport is nothing as it was up to the 1950s, 60s, etc. The horses are mostly ex-Indian racehorses now owned by Sri Lankans — not shippers for the race.

  4. Thanks for the information. I assumed it to be a hobby affair for a couple of planter families (the way it is on Nevis, for example), but it may be more than that, and definitely worth following. Once again again proof that Asian racing is my weak point ;-).

  5. Sir,

    I am from india ahmedabad.i am in horse racing line since last 15 year as a bookmaker.i am interested in bookmaker stall in srilanka.pls mail me full guidline in detail
    waiting yr reply.

    Hasmukh shah.

  6. Hello, I heard that there is Horse Racing in Nuwara Eliya during December. Is this correct? And if so on which dates?


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