DRF handicapper Hersh flogs “bloggers” and misses point

32 thoughts on “DRF handicapper Hersh flogs “bloggers” and misses point”

  1. What an odd comment for Hersh to leave without provocation. At first, I was thinking he might smarting from a recent rant about DRF and its writers that appeared on another web site, but then I remembered the target (undeservedly) of that piece was Mike Welsch. Maybe Hersh will return and clarify things …

  2. Ah ! politics of the blogging world.

    And I thought the racing forums had become irreparably hostile recently. 😉

    Anyway it’s good to see some handicapping specialist from the midway making their mark in cyberspace. And I agree
    with the poster Patrick, the more mud slung your way means you’re making some great headway. Keep it up Sid.
    Nice place you got here BTW.

  3. Hersh and other writers just aren’t comfortable with the masses having their say — and what was the point of them slogging their way through J-School, anyway, if us ungrateful readers don’t have to breathlessly await their next utterings?

    “Accountability”? Just another word for censorship. Editors are overrated, anyway.

  4. I didn’t go to J School. And yes, I did skim through the part about the King’s Cup, too. But that back-patting inclusion of the fatuous Where’s Winston selection was what struck me.

    I’m glad to see that a totally minor and inconsequentional figure in the horse racing community — namely yours truly –posting one comment can rouse such emotion. Never been on this site before, never even knew it existed, but had time on my hands during a dull moment (who knew such a thing existed!) in Dubai. Perhaps i will be back to stir the kettle again. And also will be keeping an eye out for more future can’t-miss Hawthorne selex!

  5. hey joe cowles, i let you comment on here again, but you gotta keep the profanities out . . . i got kids reading this stuff, too.

    By the way, Joe — owner of Team Cowles Racing — is a breeder in Kentucky and Illinois and is mad at me for posting the following blog back in Feb …. note in the comments that he wanted to be my friend and take me out to dinner….and then he emailed me 5 times on Valentine’s day — during cocktail hour!


  6. Fast heading to Sir Thomas More v Martin Luther territory…

    If they couldn’t keep it “real” or whatever the 16th century equivalent was, you’ve got no hope these days….

  7. Marcus,

    Since you brought up the subject of accountability as a backhanded way to attack the blogging community, perhaps you should have done your homework. I have recorded the results of my selections for years and, in fact, did not bet Where’s Winston, because I felt his odds were too low — he was 3-5 and I was looking for double that (http://www.youbet.com/youbetupdate/default.aspx?id=6&archiveId=34679).

    Look, I’ve got no problem with you gloating over picking a 5-2 shot, but comments like “never even knew it existed” and “had time on my hands during a dull moment” came across exactly as I’m sure they were intended — as arrogant swipes at a fine blog.

    In case you haven’t noticed, racing isn’t exactly flocking them in these days and, personally, I think it’s a lot wiser for all of us writers and fans of the Sport of Kings to work together, instead of trying to diminish the hard work of others, myself included.

  8. that’s a fine response, derek! i guess you never know what can set someone off. i just read the DRF, and marcus is in dubai, as he says. i guess in a dull moment he happened to see your selection and wham! — the kitchen sink came flying thru the blog window.

  9. Sid

    Another fine blog. This is very entertaining: Marcus kicks your ass and then you kiss his. Whos Kelly Ackerman? He couldn’t train a mouse to eat cheese!!!

  10. thx bill…..i think derek’s right…we should all try to get along….kelly ackerman hauled mares and foals to illinois for cowles…..bill, didn’t you comment before when joe commented on here? aren’t you the guy jim had a problem with?…..i’ll check

  11. this jim, bill. This is what you wrote (same email as yours) in a comment:
    Submitted on 2009/02/27 at 11:01pm

    I’m sorry, I really think you are an excellent writer the personal attack was totaly wrong on my part. Maybe I should get my facts about Cowles from another source.


    How does a man sound?

  12. bill, you wrote that in response to jim’s comment:

    Submitted on 2009/02/27 at 8:23pm
    Bill, everybody in Kentucky knows taht Joe Cowles is a peice of work, just like his old man. His old mans a great vet, but hes got a big temper on him and everyone in Kentucky knows that. Joe’s got a temper too but no talent.
    You don’t sound like a man the way you write, probably you are his girl. thats why he’s tops. You aint from Kentucky either. Just my two cents.

  13. I remeber Bill. Talk about kissin ass, he sure kissed yours quick Sid. Bills probaly Cowles girl that he had send in soemthing, he still sounds like one to me.

  14. Joe,

    I congratulate you on carrying on that age old tradition of being a true Kentucky “Hard Boot” but I must warn you
    that in this political climate of “correctness” using profanity (in public only) will not lead you down that road to the Kentucky Govenor’s mansion.

  15. well folks, because of cowles’ use of profanity and inane comments that add nothing to discussions, his future posts will go right to spam again…excuse me if i miss some, but the program will eventually and automatically send cowles to the netherland.

  16. im ready to bury the hatchett with u i really love u man , lets get together go to dinner, and who knows where it goes from there

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