Simon says: “Now look at this black type!”

5 thoughts on “Simon says: “Now look at this black type!””

  1. “Of these, Where’s Winston looks like a virtual lock, having just missed in a $25,000 claiming affair for non-winners of two lifetime, while earning an 84 TrackMaster® speed rating (seven points above today’s par) and -11 LSR.”

    I guess you failed to follow up on the “astute and entertaining handicapper” touting an overbet favorite who then finished nowhere, while the actual “obvious” horse, King Ajax, easily won. But then, this is what skeptics love about “bloggers” – the accountability.

    Marcus Hersh
    DRF – Hawthorne correspondent (among other things)

  2. I suppose you’ve never touted an “overbet favorite” and every horse you pick wins? Or whenever one of your astute picks loses, DRF broadcasts that, and that is being accountable?

    And let me get this right: bloggers is in quotation marks because you are a skeptic of the medium?

    and why? Because their is no “accountability?”

    To whom?

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