If the horse could talk

The following excerpt is from an entertaining blog post by Michael Cox (@kemblaCoxy on Twitter) in the South China Morning Post. Michael covers racing in Hong Kong, and as you might tell, he’s not one to sugar coat the game. Read it in its entirety here.

If racing wants to pretend it’s still the good old days, that’s fine, it will get left behind and will be lucky if it remains on the fringes as a barely niche sport. For the most part, young people don’t understand racing; or horses for that matter. When racing began, the horse held a more important place in society. People rode horses to work, horses ploughed their fields and even fought in their wars. People had to care for them and rely on them. Having the fastest horse in town meant much more than having a status symbol.

Racing is different to other sports in that it is designed for gambling. But youngsters would sooner bet on something they think they know something about, like football, and with which they have an emotional attachment. Without the help of insightful quotes from insiders, to make fans feels part of the sport, racing’s slim chance to remain relevant will drift away forever. But one thing we’ll never get is the ultimate inside information – straight from the horse’s mouth.

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